Kandaen Kadhalai Review  

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I was waiting to watch this movie as I loved watching JVM several times for the magic created by KK and SK. If you have watched JVM already, its jus a translation of that, following each and every word. They didnt even wanted to take risk by changing the costumes. yeah, they do did some changes to suit the southies.....like including two small fight sequence, santhanam comedy track, a slight change in the climax.

I cannot say it is totally depressed me. I watched 'Aadhavan'on the first day and got irritated to the core. So this movie didnt create much of anger in me. They tried to do justification to the wonderful story.

What all missing from the original

Kareena's magic(though she would have done more on few scenes). You will feel the same energy, freshness when u come out of the movie. Tammanah's looks were good and same kind as of kareena...but her dialogue delivery is not as peppy as kareena's. When she misses the train for the second time, kareena will keep her polished nails on the cheeks and shouts 'Oh'...they shooted the same here too. Everything oooh.

Bharath can never be considered for the multi millionaire looks. Surya, siddarth would have been a better choice. I thought it would be more vague to see him. But he tried his utmost to do justice to the role. He did good.

Music, the foremost thing missed in the tamil version. The music by Pritam created waves among the youth. All the numbers were too good in hindi version, which we miss miserably here. Only the solo sad song was good.

My conclusion: If you have not seen 'Jab We Met' yet , you can have a good entertainer. But if you have, you will feel all these holes in 'Kandaen Kadhalai'

Good Entertainer!!!

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