Kavithai Gundar album Release  

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Tamil’s first hip hop music album "Kavithai Gundar" was launched on Saturday by singer cum actress Sruthi Hassan (Veteran actor Kamal Hassan’s Daughter….Needs no introduction though ;) ). This album was produced by AR Saravanan, who is the creative head and producer of Studio 8 Production. While Shruthi Hassan launched the album, the website of the company www.studioeight.in was launched by Hansaj Saxena, CEO of Sun TV.

The Album has around 13 tracks sung by many different and distinct award winning singers like Neha Basin, Yogi B and Benny Dayal with Malaysian rappers, Mista G, MC Loga and Pysho Mantra spicing up the flavor. A mix of urban hip hop, R&B hip hop, reggae ton, old school flavor, sentimental, patriotic and community songs are the alluring energy in this album. Almost every would have been known Neha Basin of Pesugiran fame. The non filmy music albums are also started gaining attraction in Tamilnadu. Of course, there’ve been many musical albums released in the past that hadn’t gone far-famed across the globes. Let’s see whether these people bring up a good start.

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CSK vs DD  

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today’s match between CSK and KKR will surely be a tough fight. As both of the teams have equally won 1 match out of the 3 matches played. In the last match between CSK and DD, there was a tough fight and that was a good chase. The score 190 was really a tough target to achieve though and CSK lost with a good deal.

This time, having good players like Mathew Hayden, Michael Hussey, Suresh Raina, Muttiah Muralitharan  and of course our captain MS Dhoni, they can make the chase easier. On the other side Sourav Ganguly excels there and handful of good players there too. It’s a life match for both the teams and let us see, who gets into the next level. Anyway our expectation is just a good entertaining match.

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Australia Tour  

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Planning for a holiday and looking for scenic destinations? Australia can be a best choice for you. There are so many places like Whitsunday Islands , Hamilton Island, Tasmania, Victoria, Day dream Island, World Famous Gold Coast and much more. There are so many islands with excellent climatic conditions. Here you can enjoy Cruise drive, utilize the incredible health spa facilities and cherish the beauty of the native floar and fauna. But you cannot cover all the places in a short while. They are really distant apart and at the same time worth watching. So its better to plan in advance for an organized tour to Australia. Prepare a list of places you would like to visit and the days you can afford. Select a tour operator and give him the list and he will get back to you with the feasibility. In such a case, I would recommend aunztravel.com.au. They will help you organize better.
Recently one of my friend visited Australia and she was excited over the scenic beauty throughout. She had been to place called Fraser Island, exhibiting true natural beauty. Fraser island accommodation have many choices which include resorts, beach houses, rainforest retreats, cabins, caravan parks, apartments , Houseboats etc. Best one is camping it seems, but for that we need to book in advance. These advance booking can be taken care appropriately through aunztravel. So plan your holiday well in advance and enjoy your stay at the beautiful location like Australia. Browse through their website to get more info.

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Mani's Ravana  

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Director Maniratnam is always fond of historical stories, either from the litrerature or from the real life incidents. When it comes to litrerature he first tried his hand in Rajini's Thalapathi, where he portrayed the Karna-Duryodhana part of mahabharatha. In Roja a kind of modernized Shakunthala. Now his upcoming flcik Ravana is also a litreratue based thats Ramayana. Its a bilingual film and in both the films Aish will be playing the role of Seetha. In Hindi the roles will be

Rama - Abhishek Bacchan
Ravana - Vikram
Seetha - Aishwarya Bacchan

In Tamil it is named as Ashokavanam and the roles would be

Rama - Vikram
Ravana - Prithiviraj
Seetha - Aishwarya Bacchan
Surpanagai(Ravana's Sister) - Priya mani
Most of the movie is the shot in the dense forest of Kerela and karnataka.

Notable role will be played by mani's wife Suhasini. This is the first film for her in her husband's  direction. Moreover the Actress cum Dancer Shobana will be doing chreography for the tamil version.  So we can have full treat from Aish for tamilnadu in Robo and Ravana....lets see which giant wins.

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