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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I was born and brought up in a small village and whenever I get a chance to visit chennai, I used fancy the posh look that covers the metro. My maami used to take me to Tnagar on each visit, for some or the other purchase. I will always enjoy watching all those shops there. It will always been a busy place at anytime, anyday..

T Nagar - a place where you can buy things starting from 1 rupee to crores, starting from tooth picker to diamond jewellery. You can see all sorts of people here from beggars to celebrities. It will be a total fun filled entertainment to shop here, if at all you are a shopping freak. If not you will end up finding you in a messy place full of crowd, unable to proceed further.

After we switched to chennai, it has become regular routine for me visit this place often. I have shopped here even in odd hours, when all the shops are almost closed. You can buy a dressmaterial, give it for stitching, meanwhile shop around nad get back the stitched dress on your way back home. It will be wonderful. You will find it difficult to place step in the crowd during festive season. Your weight will surely be reduced during these times.

To browse around here are few landmarks in T Nagar.


You find a hell of lot of petty shops who sell equivalent to a brandstore. I have shopped in Bangalore, Cochin and Trivandrum. But nowhere you can find a worth investing material. The same material which costs 500 here will be sold at a rate of 1500 at the other places like bangalore. I am exaggerating, but thats the fact.

Pothys, Chennai Silks, RMKV, Nalli, Kumaran Stores, Kalanjiyam...these are few places where in you can check in for better clothes.


We have as many jewellers also here. I am listing you a few. GRT, Joy Alukkas, Lalitha Jewellery LKS, Khazana, Prince Jewellery, Jewellery Mahal, OKJ, KFG, Tanishq.

Fashion Jewellery:

Near by to this place is Pondy Bazaar. Here you can find all sorts of fashion jewellery on the platform shops. Its all worth invest kinda pieces. But you must have hell a lot energy, patience and bargaining skills, to get the best one. You can find the same in Ranganathan street also, but I personally prefer Pondy Bazaar Street wala.

Food Joints:

Here we do have good eat outs in all ranges. Few them below.
Saravana Bhavan, Archana, Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Geetanjali, Anjappar, Murugan Idly.

Hope You enjoyed shopping around here.....Keep visiting

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