Kavithai Gundar album Release  

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Tamil’s first hip hop music album "Kavithai Gundar" was launched on Saturday by singer cum actress Sruthi Hassan (Veteran actor Kamal Hassan’s Daughter….Needs no introduction though ;) ). This album was produced by AR Saravanan, who is the creative head and producer of Studio 8 Production. While Shruthi Hassan launched the album, the website of the company www.studioeight.in was launched by Hansaj Saxena, CEO of Sun TV.

The Album has around 13 tracks sung by many different and distinct award winning singers like Neha Basin, Yogi B and Benny Dayal with Malaysian rappers, Mista G, MC Loga and Pysho Mantra spicing up the flavor. A mix of urban hip hop, R&B hip hop, reggae ton, old school flavor, sentimental, patriotic and community songs are the alluring energy in this album. Almost every would have been known Neha Basin of Pesugiran fame. The non filmy music albums are also started gaining attraction in Tamilnadu. Of course, there’ve been many musical albums released in the past that hadn’t gone far-famed across the globes. Let’s see whether these people bring up a good start.

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