My Son Turns ONE  

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day after tomorrow, my sweet little angel turns ONE. He is the one who made our life so busy, engaged always, happy and so responsible too. As a gift of our love marriage, God has sent us a guardian angel, who takes care of both of our families too. He was born after the great loss of our Grandpa, who is the backbone for all our families. Hence my kid is believed as our grandpa returned home to bring back his loss.

 He is the first grandchild of both our parents, hence he is the apple of everyone's eye. He is the best entertainer for my sister and brother in laws, and they are the ones who can get him anything in this world. In this 25 years, I can surely say the most unforgettable and treasured moment in my life would be, the time when I saw my kid for the first time, after the painful surgery to give birth. Obviously it would be the treasured moment for every Mom. The only thing which flashed my mind at that moment was, "GOD is always so generous over me".

We have been enjoying all his milestones, when he turned around, when he crawled, his toddling, his magnificiant walk, his first tooth, his first word...oooh everything. Its all remained a celebration for us. I felt so proud of myself when called me 'Amma', even I was so jealous over my Mama and dad, as his word was 'Thatha'. He is so gifted that his grandparents are becoming young and playing with him like kids, even when they are gasping for breath. He is pricelss for my Sister, on the otherside my brother inlwas will roam around the world to make him happy.

I wish everyone of your blessing will be there for him always. I have no powers to predict the future but I am sure that we have a bunch of happy days ahead with our Adhityan...

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