Mani's Ravana  

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Director Maniratnam is always fond of historical stories, either from the litrerature or from the real life incidents. When it comes to litrerature he first tried his hand in Rajini's Thalapathi, where he portrayed the Karna-Duryodhana part of mahabharatha. In Roja a kind of modernized Shakunthala. Now his upcoming flcik Ravana is also a litreratue based thats Ramayana. Its a bilingual film and in both the films Aish will be playing the role of Seetha. In Hindi the roles will be

Rama - Abhishek Bacchan
Ravana - Vikram
Seetha - Aishwarya Bacchan

In Tamil it is named as Ashokavanam and the roles would be

Rama - Vikram
Ravana - Prithiviraj
Seetha - Aishwarya Bacchan
Surpanagai(Ravana's Sister) - Priya mani
Most of the movie is the shot in the dense forest of Kerela and karnataka.

Notable role will be played by mani's wife Suhasini. This is the first film for her in her husband's  direction. Moreover the Actress cum Dancer Shobana will be doing chreography for the tamil version.  So we can have full treat from Aish for tamilnadu in Robo and Ravana....lets see which giant wins.

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