Priyamani's Dare new Venture  

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Priyamani, a tamil heroine, was introduced by director balu mahendra in teh movie"Athu Oru kana Kalam" with dhanush. Later she did some flop movies and got fame with the character "Muthazhagi" in the movie "Paruthiveeran". She got a national award also for that. Even after that, she couldnt get much scope in kollywood. She tried her in tollywood and the recent venture "Drona" will fetch her more i belive as she is doing a dare-bare act in bikini for her Telugu film ‘Drona’.

This Drona is not the remake of the hindi Drona by Abhishek and priyanka. This movie stars Nitin and Priyamani. Priyamani is the main asset for this film as she appeared in bikini for the first time in this film. There is no scope of acting for her in this film except glamour show. An actress having a full valid acting performance goes ahead for money with these kinda roles. Previously it was just a rumour about the Bikini appearance. It is revealed that Priyamani has done a steamy song for the film. She was reportedly skeptical about the skin show in that teeny-weeny piece, but later agreed and told the director not to release pictures until movie hits the theatres.If Nayanthara plays such roles, it would not affect as she is fit for nothing when it pays for acting. But actresses like priyamani, shouldnt have considered this, that too after receiving a national award. Money Matters for Everyone!!!

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