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Friday, March 6, 2009

I was requested by one of my friend to get accurate information about the web hosting solution. She wanted to start an e-commerce portal for her retail shops. She has to host an e-commerce site with a minimal investment and should have all the security features so that the customers of her shop can do online purchase. The requirement she had consulted me and I surfed the web and found a very helpful site www.webhostingchoice.com , this site portrays a lot of information about a variety of web hosting plans. The site has the best comparison about the web hosting providers I had ever seen. It gives comparison information on price, score, setup, domain, disk space, data transfer, money back and Hosting review.  The review section shows each provider and their rating for point scale of 5. It gives entire information like features, price, reliability, support etc.

Web hosting choice also provides in-depth comparison chart which gives many more information which was absolutely enough for you to find the best solution. The in-depth chart shows very critical information like traffic status, email features, scripting language support, datacenter backup and much more. I thought this site can help my friend to get all the information required. She was very happy with the information provided and I hope she had found a great solution. Thanks for web hosting choice in providing such a great statistics all for free. The cheap hosting information was the best collection and I liked the way the information was presented.

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