Colon Cleansing - Analysed  

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Colon cleansing has its root from the year 1920-1930s and now it is becoming popular in the recent times. This has its root based on the ancient belief of autointoxication. It says that the undigested food like meat becomes toxins, day by day, which will poison the body slowly. So it has to be removed naturally. 

The main aim of colon cleansing is to remove the stagnant waste which have encrusted on the colon walls. These substances are toxic in nature. With this colon cleanser we can really enhance the vitality of the body. There are two ways to do this colon cleansing, one can be done through colon cleansing products and other can be through a practitioner. All these products will have two cleansing agents such as cranberry and dandelion root. This product can be taken through two ways, one is through mouth and other one is through rectum. These are natural products. While buying products one should look for a colon cleanser which not only does the cleansing alone, but also it should have the ingredients which should replace any vitamins or minerals that are lost during the cleansing process.

But why all of a sudden this colon cleansing entered into picture is that, a research said that this may lead to many side effects like fatigue, weight gain etc. So people who are so health conscious started doing an R&D on this and getting them updated. I found this site to be very useful regarding this colon cleansing. 

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