My London Trip  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Its my first onsite trip and how would I miss to see those vibrant colors of the city, London. We planned it on a weekend and its all done. Firstly we started off to the Tower of London. I really admired the history behind it, the crowns and the ornaments of those days. The collection of Armories they place over there could be found nowhere in this earth. I felt like walking in heaven when I was walking over the Tower Bridge. I felt like singing "London Bridge is falling down...falling down" hahaha. From there we got into the car we hired and started towards the Buckingham Palace. There are few eco care hire available, which is fuel economic and emits very less CO2.  It was so comfortable and enjoying the drive in the car. In the Buckingham palace we couldn’t see the "Guard Mounting" a beautiful ceremony which occurs on alternate days. From there we boarded to the famous Madame Tassaud's Wax Museum. No one will miss to see this museum at any cast as this contains so many Wax statues, which appear so real. We took nice snaps with all the celebrities oops…celebrity statues over there.

We thought of covering more, but we couldn’t as the time flew away admiring these statues. The travel was pleasurable and it was made easy, with the car rental available. In Europe car hire , is always been very easy for first time travelers like me and their service is extraordinary. There were no hidden costs and all their documents were on place. We went to all places at a very low cost. Hope you too enjoyed the trip with me and plan a trip with your family soon after reading this.

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