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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One of my friends introduced me this blogosphere. But firstly I thought its a media to share our thoughts and was lazily doing that. But later I came to know about earning with blog. So was impressed much and started trying out on the same. Firstly I was approved by Pay per Post, then Social spark and then smorty. Now I have been approved by Paying Post. I am finding this to be so quick in approving and also very easy. I did a mistake by searching for opportunities without installing the code. I was fed up when I didn’t find any opportunity. Later I checked my blog and found the code need to install. As soon as I copied the code, I got opportunity listed. Obviously this is my first post with Paying Post and it’s about them. As far as their site is concerned, it is very simple and not much of complications.

 For newbie’s this will definitely be of much help for learning. All you have to do is, register with them and wait for approval. It will be done quicker, and then you have to install the code into your blog. That’s it!! Check for opportunities available at Open Opportunities. Write a post about the opportunity along with the links given. Submit it and it will be approved. Blogging can be an interesting hobby which can fetch you a little earning too. But we should the good sources which can help you in that. Almost all the blog advertiser operate in the similar fashion and each one have their own rules and regulations.

In this internet era, blogging has become the best advertising media. It has become a daily routine for people to check for product review, company review etc in the net for their needs. It’s the bloggers who are enhancing the products with their efficient writing. I am really happy that I got approved by paying post and am expecting many more opportunities from them. You too create your account with paying post and make a little earning out of it.

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