Naan Kadavul - Initial Review  

Monday, February 9, 2009

The long wait is over and the movie Naan Kadavul, the début film from Bala was released last Friday. With not much expectation I went to the movie and was really satisfied. It was totally a different film when compared to his previous projects. I thought it would have been film, portraying all the religious humour occurring in the land of Kasi. But only the first 15 minutes of the movie was shot at Kasi, rest of the film was done completely in the south Tamilnadu.
The Story started with the search of a father for his son(Aarya), whom he left 14years back at kasi. He left him there as suggested by a astrologist. He finds him with a help of a priest. But his son was totally changed as a Kalabairava, God who decides one's fate. In that group they have the power to differentiate good and evil in the people. Aarya was got back to Tamilnadu. There was a group which indulges handicapped into begging. Pooja was caught into that group and was later sold to a guy. When this guy searches for pooja, she goes to Arya to help her. He helps her and gives her destiny. Also punishes the evil minded people, saying that he is the god to decide the fate. The movie ends with a message saying no god is taking care of any handicapped, so someone like kalabairav should come and decide their destiny. Aarya and pooja had did justice to their roles and the comedy in the movie is also very realistic.

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