Kalaimamani Awards 2009  

Thursday, February 26, 2009

This year Kalaimamani awards issued by the state government of tamilnadu have been announced. This is given as an appreciation for the varied performers for their good work in their respective fields. Let us discuss on why the below personalities are given with this award.

Nayanthara - For her Bikini Performance in Billa

Asin - Congratulating her entry into Bollywood or might be an invitation to let her turn back to Kollywood

Meera Jasmine - Reminding people about her whereabouts

Bharath - for his continuous / hatrick flops

Aishwarya Rajinikanth - as she is playing too many roles superstar daughter, dhanush wife

Anuhasan - she host the show well...but not sure whether she fits this bill

Saroja Devi – Dream Girl of Kalaingar times.

Pasupathi - I think he may deserve it.

Cheran - to remind that he is into direction and not into acting. 

Suki Sivam - Still he is in Suntv and not yet turned back to Kalaingnar tv yet

Abirami Ramanathan - For telling lies like Kuruvi ran for 150 days

Thiruselvam – For running a serial (kolangal) for more than half a decade. Also for making the housewives forget about what is happening this world. 

Abhishek – for taking revenge on Abi at any cast 

Devipriya – For her horrible dancing skills portrayed in girls vs boys

Shobhana – She really deserves it. 

These people should have felt why they have been insulted by giving this award, when they have not contributed anything valuable to their fields. Our state government doesnt have time to think of the sufferings happening at Srilanka for our tamilians, but they have time to think of aprreciating Nayanthara for her best performance???. Okkandhu Yosipaingalo????? Sorry Kalaignar paduthukittu yosipaaru ;)

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