Proud Aish with Forbes list  

Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Beauty Icon Aishwarya Bachan has topped the new Forbes list, pushing down all our jumbo khans of the bollywood. She is ranked 387th position and it has stated her as the India's most bankable star in Hollywood. Adding up to her crown is that, she is the only Indian female to be a part of this elite group. Talking about other Indians, there were Aamir khan, Sharukh khan, Irfan khan and Hrithik roshan. This is a global list which includes 1411 actors around the globe and she topped as the Indian actor. Kal Penn, indo-american actor, who played in Namesake is ranked 476. This indeed is higher when compared to Aamir who is at 540, followed by sharukh at 735, salman at 753, irfan at 825 and hrithik at 1059

On the whole ranking its Will smith who tops the list and he is the only one to get ten out of ten. This rating is released according to the votes of the members of Global entertainment industry. Congrats Bachan bahu!!!

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