Nayanthara Banned by Kollywood  

Friday, February 6, 2009

Nayanthara, one of the top heroines in the tamil film industry, has been banned from acting in tamil films in the future. The problem started as she signed on for the "Payya" project. Payya is being directed by Lingusamy and karthi is playing the Hero in this project. Nayanthara got the advance of 15 lakhs.  she waited for 90 days and the work for the project didnt started. After 90 days, the producers told that only if she reduces her salary, she can continue in this project. As she refused, she was asked to repay the advance amount. But nayanthara refused saying her 90 days schedule got wasted. So the Nadigar Sangam (Tamil Film industry association) has banned her from acting in any tamil movie further. They have also requested the producers from Telugu and Malayalam not to book her in their projects. Anyway Nayanthara is clear on her side and remains unaffected by these bans. She believes in the values of her work, a perfect professionalist in her own way.

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