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Friday, February 6, 2009

Its long time since I have been thinking of getting my own domain for my site. But due my hectic work and fed up of searching the best one out of the thousands of companies offering web hosting . I was thinking if somebody could help me to sort out the best one for me, then my friend suggested me the Webhostinggeeks . Without any idea I entered their site and the sooner I realized that I found the exact fit for my needs. I am surprised to see such a wide variety of choices available which may fit for anyone. In this internet world, people won’t believe in a company, unless they read reviews about that company. And here you can find the review about any web hosting provider, in various views like customers, real metrics and webmasters. Even they provide free domain name registration and multiple domain hosting options also. Its one stop shop kind of website, with which you can easily decide, which web hosting service to choose according to your needs and budget.

They also collect the independent reviews  of the best web hosting providers and create a list of Top 10 web hosting for a particular month. This will be very useful for us to decide on who are the best and worst among the crowd. This page also displays precisely the overall summary of the features, bonus features and host rating for a particular Web Hosting Provider. This helps you to compare with one another.

People, who are blogging frequently and do it for passion, can just move forward to get their own domains and enjoy the freedom over it.

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