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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Double Oscar Indian was given a bashing welcome at the Anna International airport, Chennai yesterday. He was welcomed with drummer sivamani and his troupe belting out fast rhythms and thousands of people echoing Jai Ho. The state information minister Mr.Paruthi Ilamvazhuthi and actor cum director R.Parthiban was there to give a warm welcome.

He explained briefly on his statement after winning the second award "When I won the second Oscar, I wanted to give a bigger message. We have a choice for love and hate for everything whether religion, caste, language -- it is to choose love over hate whether in music or the philosophy of life."

'All the actors and directors in Hollywood loved the statement. Michael Jackson liked it too. It is not the highest point in my career, but it is a starting point of making a lot of difference.

'I hope my award inspires others as well,' said Rahman.

There is one more bashing celebration waits for him on Mar 1st, to be organized by the Cine singers union. Cheif guests include veterans like Maestro Ilayaraja, MSV, Singers KJ and SPB. All the singers will present over there.

Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi who will be discharged from hospital on Mar 1st, is also expected to attend the function for a short while. It’s done not only as a official formality but as a veteran of Tamil Film Industry

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