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Monday, February 9, 2009

Bugged up of sending link requests to one by one to thousands to improve your traffic and click rate? An ideal way to tackle this is to register to a link directory. But we cannot be sure whether we get back links, after registering. After a tough search i have found this Freewebdirectories as the best one. First of all, it was very easy to signup for a new account. You have to just choose your blog type, paste their code and then details of your blog. That’s all, it’s done. Once submitted you can get your blog submitted to many web directories and which in turn will help you to get more links. If at all if you need your blog to be submitted for the top web directories, then you have pay for it and get it done easily through this Free directories . All these web directories are categorized according to their page rank. From this info we can easily get to know which one is best and the worst. Also you can get to know the top 50 secrets of SEO. All are completely free. Exiting know.

 I am really surprised to see my traffic getting increased everyday. It really works and it was easy too. Its only the links which brings up the traffic rank, page rank and click rate. And these are the factors which can flood in revenues in one or the other ways. So why to wait, get into freewebdirectories and get your blog viewed by millions around the world

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