Kalaimamani Awards 2009  

Thursday, February 26, 2009

This year Kalaimamani awards issued by the state government of tamilnadu have been announced. This is given as an appreciation for the varied performers for their good work in their respective fields. Let us discuss on why the below personalities are given with this award.

Nayanthara - For her Bikini Performance in Billa

Asin - Congratulating her entry into Bollywood or might be an invitation to let her turn back to Kollywood

Meera Jasmine - Reminding people about her whereabouts

Bharath - for his continuous / hatrick flops

Aishwarya Rajinikanth - as she is playing too many roles superstar daughter, dhanush wife

Anuhasan - she host the show well...but not sure whether she fits this bill

Saroja Devi – Dream Girl of Kalaingar times.

Pasupathi - I think he may deserve it.

Cheran - to remind that he is into direction and not into acting. 

Suki Sivam - Still he is in Suntv and not yet turned back to Kalaingnar tv yet

Abirami Ramanathan - For telling lies like Kuruvi ran for 150 days

Thiruselvam – For running a serial (kolangal) for more than half a decade. Also for making the housewives forget about what is happening this world. 

Abhishek – for taking revenge on Abi at any cast 

Devipriya – For her horrible dancing skills portrayed in girls vs boys

Shobhana – She really deserves it. 

These people should have felt why they have been insulted by giving this award, when they have not contributed anything valuable to their fields. Our state government doesnt have time to think of the sufferings happening at Srilanka for our tamilians, but they have time to think of aprreciating Nayanthara for her best performance???. Okkandhu Yosipaingalo????? Sorry Kalaignar paduthukittu yosipaaru ;)

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Colon Cleansing - Analysed  

Colon cleansing has its root from the year 1920-1930s and now it is becoming popular in the recent times. This has its root based on the ancient belief of autointoxication. It says that the undigested food like meat becomes toxins, day by day, which will poison the body slowly. So it has to be removed naturally. 

The main aim of colon cleansing is to remove the stagnant waste which have encrusted on the colon walls. These substances are toxic in nature. With this colon cleanser we can really enhance the vitality of the body. There are two ways to do this colon cleansing, one can be done through colon cleansing products and other can be through a practitioner. All these products will have two cleansing agents such as cranberry and dandelion root. This product can be taken through two ways, one is through mouth and other one is through rectum. These are natural products. While buying products one should look for a colon cleanser which not only does the cleansing alone, but also it should have the ingredients which should replace any vitamins or minerals that are lost during the cleansing process.

But why all of a sudden this colon cleansing entered into picture is that, a research said that this may lead to many side effects like fatigue, weight gain etc. So people who are so health conscious started doing an R&D on this and getting them updated. I found this site http://www.coloncleanser.net/ to be very useful regarding this colon cleansing. 

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Welcome to AR Rahman  

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Double Oscar Indian was given a bashing welcome at the Anna International airport, Chennai yesterday. He was welcomed with drummer sivamani and his troupe belting out fast rhythms and thousands of people echoing Jai Ho. The state information minister Mr.Paruthi Ilamvazhuthi and actor cum director R.Parthiban was there to give a warm welcome.

He explained briefly on his statement after winning the second award "When I won the second Oscar, I wanted to give a bigger message. We have a choice for love and hate for everything whether religion, caste, language -- it is to choose love over hate whether in music or the philosophy of life."

'All the actors and directors in Hollywood loved the statement. Michael Jackson liked it too. It is not the highest point in my career, but it is a starting point of making a lot of difference.

'I hope my award inspires others as well,' said Rahman.

There is one more bashing celebration waits for him on Mar 1st, to be organized by the Cine singers union. Cheif guests include veterans like Maestro Ilayaraja, MSV, Singers KJ and SPB. All the singers will present over there.

Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi who will be discharged from hospital on Mar 1st, is also expected to attend the function for a short while. It’s done not only as a official formality but as a veteran of Tamil Film Industry

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Fast weight loss  

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fast weight loss Anywhere in the world the current issue that most of us face is obesity. There are people who do a lot of things to come out of this obesity, but will not give any best results. People who are not following a proper life style and addicted to junk foods are more in risky towards to obesity. It has become one of the major environment issues, that more number of people is fatter.

I even wanted to reduce my weight but as fast as possible, so thought of taking some better options to reduce my weight. So the first thought came to my mind is to use the diet pills. Some time back my friend had referred a diet pill, and she said that had helped her to lose weights faster. When it comes to diet pills, I don’t want to take risk because I have heard from few that it may cause negative results some time. So when I searched, I found a nice site which gives lot of information about the diet pills and the fast way to reduce weight. The site which I found was Fast weight loss, which gives amazing information about the weight loss pills, weight loss programs and weight loss tips more than this they measure each product safety, quality and effectiveness. Each product is reviewed and rated. The major goal for them is how fast the results are. I found there are some good results found for the diet pill Orovo Detox. Apart from all these it is a free service from fast weight loss site.

Hurry and spot the right diet pills which give you the fast weight loss solution.

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AR Rahman - First Indian to get 2 Oscars  

Sunday, February 22, 2009

We all Indians have to be proud of the three people who have got in 4 Oscars to India. For all these years we have been waiting for this wonderful moment only and now it has come. AR Rahman has got two Oscars one for the Best Score and other for the Best Song Jai Ho. Two more Indians Gulzar and Resul Pookutty joined AR Rahman for the Original Song and Sound mixing. The film Slumdog Millionaire fetched 8 oscars this year. They are Best adapted Screenplay, Best cinematography, Best Editing, Best Score (Music), Best Song (Jai Ho), Best Sound Mixing, Best Director, Best Film.
Rahman after receiving the award thanked the entire crew of Slumdog Millionaire and tehn he told 'mere pas ma hai' which is a famous dialogue in a hindi movie, which means he has mom with him apart from anything in this world. Also he added the Pwerful word from the Tamil "Ella Puzhalum Iraivanukkey" which means "All the fame goes only to GOD". This is a line which he uttered most in his life, especially whenever he receives an award.
While receiving award for the best song he said "All my life I've had a choice of hate and love. I chose love and I'm here. God bless.” What a meaningful and passionate man he is. It was an unforgettable moment when a song composed by a Indian is played at the Oscar awards ceremony. Only one word to praise and its "JAI HO"

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Lose weight through Clinicallix  

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Obesity is a ghost which you cant get rid off so easily. I have seen many people trying out with some or the other techniques to lose weight and in between they will lose confidence in the product and stop using it and face very worse side effects later on. One should be very well aware of the products they choose. I found a product in net, which i felt very good. It is http://www.clinicallixreviews.com. It contains three main ingredients which helps you to lose maximum weight within a short span of time. People tend to gain more weight only due to the untime snacks they consume, in the evenings, when they feel tired and slightly hungry. These snacks have a high fat content, which logs in to the body as indigestible cholesterol. This product speeds up and extends the feeling of fullness of stomach which gets rid off the thought of consuming some snacks.

A complete weight loss program should not concentrate only on losing weight but also on a healthy living thereafter. It has been proven that those who consumed clinicallix have speed up fat burning, cholesterol levels coming down, accumulation of healthy cholesterol called HDL cholesterol and Body Mass Index (BMI) reducing. The company have a very good confidence in their product clinicallix and hence they are providing their consumers with a 100% lifetime guarantee. They have wonderful proven results and many satisfied customers and hence they have stabilized in this market. I think this information will be useful for people who are looking for a weight lose program. Hope you use this product and get a healthy living.

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Mindfulness - An Art of Living  

Mindfulness is an ancient Buddhist practice which has profound relevance for our present day lives. Mindfulness has been called the heart of Buddhist meditation. fundamentally, mindfulness is a simple concept. Its power lies in its practice and its applications. Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally. The kind of attention nurtures greater awareness, clarity and acceptance of present moment reality. It wakes up to the fact that our lives unfold only moments. If we are not fully present for many of those moments, we may not only miss what is most valuable in our lives but also fail to realize the richness and the depth of our possibilities for growth and transformation.

Mindfulness provides a simple but powerful route for getting ourselves unstuck, back into touch with our own wisdom and vitality. It is a way to take charge of the direction and quality of our own lives, including our relationships within the family, our relationship to work and to the larger world and planet and most fundamentally, our relationship with ourself as a person.

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Fight against obesity with Lipofuze  

Friday, February 20, 2009

Today’s work culture and food habits have turned so much of the population to get obesity at an younger age. There is a statistics which says, a huge amount of money has been spent by people to get rid of this obesity. There are so many ways to get rid of this like exercise, dieting, yoga etc. There are also so many products available in the market which helps you to get rid of the obesity. One such is Lipofuze which helps you to reduce around 10 pounds per week. This has been rated as the World's Most Powerful Fat Burner on the market today. 
How it Works?
It has Japanese Wakame seaweed, which is used in the form of a carotenoid called Fucoxanthin, which will target and reduce abdominal fat. It uses Razberi-K which helps in fat oxidation and also uses Bioperine is used for enhancing the absorption rate of other nutrients. This is just a sample of ingredients I have listed above. But there a lot more and these a nto only concentrating on the weight loss alone, but also on the healthy living for the future. There are so many products which will concentrate on weight loss alone and will affect the metabolism of the whole body. But Lipofuze is made out of all natural ingredients and in no way our regular metabolism will get affected. You can order it online and get it. The results have proven for visible results immediately. Why to wait….march ahead for a healthy living. 

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Proud Aish with Forbes list  

Our Beauty Icon Aishwarya Bachan has topped the new Forbes list, pushing down all our jumbo khans of the bollywood. She is ranked 387th position and it has stated her as the India's most bankable star in Hollywood. Adding up to her crown is that, she is the only Indian female to be a part of this elite group. Talking about other Indians, there were Aamir khan, Sharukh khan, Irfan khan and Hrithik roshan. This is a global list which includes 1411 actors around the globe and she topped as the Indian actor. Kal Penn, indo-american actor, who played in Namesake is ranked 476. This indeed is higher when compared to Aamir who is at 540, followed by sharukh at 735, salman at 753, irfan at 825 and hrithik at 1059

On the whole ranking its Will smith who tops the list and he is the only one to get ten out of ten. This rating is released according to the votes of the members of Global entertainment industry. Congrats Bachan bahu!!!

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Dream Home with Go Modern  

Just now we got our new flat and it looks like one empty file now. I am determined that I should get inside only after filling my new home with sophisticated furniture. I was looking for some good designers for that and browsed in the web for the same. Hurray I found this great site http://www.gomodern.co.uk/. Here the site showcases all the types of Glass furniture starting from living, dining, kitchen, bedroom etc. And the collections made me speechless. I decided to go ahead with this furniture and get my whole flat decorated with it. In dining tables alone they have a variety of collections such as glass furniture, white, black etc. I was thinking for a long time and I couldn’t frame out a good design. But after seeing them I really got a good idea and how to go ahead with furniture planning. Unlikely I don’t have a garden, I regretted for that only after seeing the collection of exotic garden furniture they have. Then I started looking at the bedroom collection they have. I am astonished to decide on which one to choose. 

Everything is ok, but how can we rely on the quality and service, because shopping online may be risky. But my friend, who ordered from them, told me that they give us with seven day no quibble return on all stock. She also added that in way, we are going to use that offer, as everyone will be happy on seeing the quality and finish. A building becomes a home, only when it is decorated with these kind of furniture, so go ahead and get your dream home. 

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Lawyers vs Police @ Chennai High Court  

It was very recent that the attack at the Chennai law college happened and now its at the court itself. Previously it was To-be-Lawyers ransacked the Law college, followed by the real time lawyers ransacking the High Court. The problem started with Janata Party leader, Subramaniya Swamy landed at the High Court for a case and had a dispute with the lawyers and ended up with a statement showcasing the caste name of a Dalit lawyer. This become a   valid reason for our lawyers to throw a rotten egg over his face. Nextly those lawyers were been arrested, but the fellow lawyers opposed the same. There started the riot. Policemen went to control the lawyers and the clash started between them. The lawyers set fire to the police station inside the High court complex. Then the police started lathi charge over the lawyers, damaging their two wheelers(nearly 100). Justice Arumuga Perumal Adityan who advanced towards the police cordon waving his hands, was lathicharged and suffered an injury on his head.
  Policemen damaged windshields of vehicles and overturned bikes. They also barged into court halls, offices of government lawyers, mediation centres, libraries and a dispensary on the campus and damaged properties. Refusing to give in, lawyers too resorted to stoning the police. All these things I dont know whether these are going to be taken as films or all these are copied from Films. But I am damn sure that there is no such film portraying such violence, as in real life situations like this. Bharat Mata Ki Jai!!

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Rejuvenate your Eyes  

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Much of the population in this world is beauty conscious and when it comes for women, the ratio will be definitely higher. All are tend to get aged and wrinkles will be appearing around the face, especially around the eyes. Eyes are the main reflectors of our beauty. If something happens to that, people will be more conscious to get them back to normal. My cousin too got the same problem and she tried almost all the wrinkle lift products available in the market. Finally she was fed up with everything and stopped using everything. Then she got to know about the eye cream called Dermavexin through one of her friend and it made miracles i guess. She called me yesterday and she kept on praising about this product alone. That made me to search about this product in web and I found the eye cream site. Dermavexin contains all the ingredients in right proportion which can reverse the process of aging. The effect you can feel upon applying. Some people will be having very sensitive skin and artificial creams won’t suit them. But this cream will go good with any type of skin. 

Due to aging there may be wrinkles around the eyes and looks puffy under the eye bags. Dermavexin will cure all these puffy skin under the eye bags. They have one more product called Prevera which will help you to waive off 10-15 years of your age. Within one month of time, you can feel your face has turned so young and really rejuvenated. Prevera contains 6 innovative peptides and gentle skin moisturizers like sodium hyaluronate. This can be bought online at an affordable price of $34.99. 

They also have a complete pack for wrinkle lift, which includes a serum, a day cream and night cream. You can make use of this and get rid of your aging issues. Health care is more important than anything in this earth. So do care of your health with valuable products like these.  

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Men in blue turns darker  

After Dhoni entered the Indian team, there were a lot many changes happened and now its time for them to change the dress color too. Yeah our Indian team has got a brand new dress color for ODI. The Blue turns mor edarker now. This new kit was developed and sponsored by the Nike Sports Research Laboratory. They remained the usual vendors till now. Yesterday they got this dress, on the eve of their departure to New Zealand. Our players Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Zaheer Khan, Gautam Gambhir, Ishant Sharma and Rohit Sharma ramped with this new dress yesterday to showcase and popularize the same. They looked so awesome in this new dress.
I believe this new colour fetches our team with more and more of trophies and the long dreamt World cup. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST OUR INDIAN TEAM!!!!

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Paying Post - Blog Advertiser  

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One of my friends introduced me this blogosphere. But firstly I thought its a media to share our thoughts and was lazily doing that. But later I came to know about earning with blog. So was impressed much and started trying out on the same. Firstly I was approved by Pay per Post, then Social spark and then smorty. Now I have been approved by Paying Post. I am finding this to be so quick in approving and also very easy. I did a mistake by searching for opportunities without installing the code. I was fed up when I didn’t find any opportunity. Later I checked my blog and found the code need to install. As soon as I copied the code, I got opportunity listed. Obviously this is my first post with Paying Post and it’s about them. As far as their site is concerned, it is very simple and not much of complications.

 For newbie’s this will definitely be of much help for learning. All you have to do is, register with them and wait for approval. It will be done quicker, and then you have to install the code into your blog. That’s it!! Check for opportunities available at Open Opportunities. Write a post about the opportunity along with the links given. Submit it and it will be approved. Blogging can be an interesting hobby which can fetch you a little earning too. But we should the good sources which can help you in that. Almost all the blog advertiser operate in the similar fashion and each one have their own rules and regulations.

In this internet era, blogging has become the best advertising media. It has become a daily routine for people to check for product review, company review etc in the net for their needs. It’s the bloggers who are enhancing the products with their efficient writing. I am really happy that I got approved by paying post and am expecting many more opportunities from them. You too create your account with paying post and make a little earning out of it.

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My London Trip  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Its my first onsite trip and how would I miss to see those vibrant colors of the city, London. We planned it on a weekend and its all done. Firstly we started off to the Tower of London. I really admired the history behind it, the crowns and the ornaments of those days. The collection of Armories they place over there could be found nowhere in this earth. I felt like walking in heaven when I was walking over the Tower Bridge. I felt like singing "London Bridge is falling down...falling down" hahaha. From there we got into the car we hired and started towards the Buckingham Palace. There are few eco care hire available, which is fuel economic and emits very less CO2.  It was so comfortable and enjoying the drive in the car. In the Buckingham palace we couldn’t see the "Guard Mounting" a beautiful ceremony which occurs on alternate days. From there we boarded to the famous Madame Tassaud's Wax Museum. No one will miss to see this museum at any cast as this contains so many Wax statues, which appear so real. We took nice snaps with all the celebrities oops…celebrity statues over there.

We thought of covering more, but we couldn’t as the time flew away admiring these statues. The travel was pleasurable and it was made easy, with the car rental available. In Europe car hire , is always been very easy for first time travelers like me and their service is extraordinary. There were no hidden costs and all their documents were on place. We went to all places at a very low cost. Hope you too enjoyed the trip with me and plan a trip with your family soon after reading this.

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Prabhu's Daughter Wedding  

Prabhu's Daughter wedding was the grand function held recently in Chennai. This had a huge celebrity list which includes our superstar Rajinikanth, Kamalhassan, Ajith, Vijay and almost everyone in the industry were present over there. The wedding was held on 8th of February and a reception was held on the previous evening. Political leaders like Dr J Jayalalitha, Dr Karunanidhi and his wife were on the function.

Aishwarya a Bcom graduate from Ethiraj College Chennai, is married to her own cousin Kunal who is B.E MBA and working as a Software engineer in UK. He is none other than prabhu’s own sister’s son. They were engaged recently and the wedding happened in a grand manner at the Rani Meyyammai Hall Chennai.

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Increase your links through Freewebdirectories  

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bugged up of sending link requests to one by one to thousands to improve your traffic and click rate? An ideal way to tackle this is to register to a link directory. But we cannot be sure whether we get back links, after registering. After a tough search i have found this Freewebdirectories as the best one. First of all, it was very easy to signup for a new account. You have to just choose your blog type, paste their code and then details of your blog. That’s all, it’s done. Once submitted you can get your blog submitted to many web directories and which in turn will help you to get more links. If at all if you need your blog to be submitted for the top web directories, then you have pay for it and get it done easily through this Free directories . All these web directories are categorized according to their page rank. From this info we can easily get to know which one is best and the worst. Also you can get to know the top 50 secrets of SEO. All are completely free. Exiting know.

 I am really surprised to see my traffic getting increased everyday. It really works and it was easy too. Its only the links which brings up the traffic rank, page rank and click rate. And these are the factors which can flood in revenues in one or the other ways. So why to wait, get into freewebdirectories and get your blog viewed by millions around the world

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Naan Kadavul - Initial Review  

The long wait is over and the movie Naan Kadavul, the début film from Bala was released last Friday. With not much expectation I went to the movie and was really satisfied. It was totally a different film when compared to his previous projects. I thought it would have been film, portraying all the religious humour occurring in the land of Kasi. But only the first 15 minutes of the movie was shot at Kasi, rest of the film was done completely in the south Tamilnadu.
The Story started with the search of a father for his son(Aarya), whom he left 14years back at kasi. He left him there as suggested by a astrologist. He finds him with a help of a priest. But his son was totally changed as a Kalabairava, God who decides one's fate. In that group they have the power to differentiate good and evil in the people. Aarya was got back to Tamilnadu. There was a group which indulges handicapped into begging. Pooja was caught into that group and was later sold to a guy. When this guy searches for pooja, she goes to Arya to help her. He helps her and gives her destiny. Also punishes the evil minded people, saying that he is the god to decide the fate. The movie ends with a message saying no god is taking care of any handicapped, so someone like kalabairav should come and decide their destiny. Aarya and pooja had did justice to their roles and the comedy in the movie is also very realistic.

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Get your Own domain with webhostinggeeks  

Friday, February 6, 2009

Its long time since I have been thinking of getting my own domain for my site. But due my hectic work and fed up of searching the best one out of the thousands of companies offering web hosting . I was thinking if somebody could help me to sort out the best one for me, then my friend suggested me the Webhostinggeeks . Without any idea I entered their site and the sooner I realized that I found the exact fit for my needs. I am surprised to see such a wide variety of choices available which may fit for anyone. In this internet world, people won’t believe in a company, unless they read reviews about that company. And here you can find the review about any web hosting provider, in various views like customers, real metrics and webmasters. Even they provide free domain name registration and multiple domain hosting options also. Its one stop shop kind of website, with which you can easily decide, which web hosting service to choose according to your needs and budget.

They also collect the independent reviews  of the best web hosting providers and create a list of Top 10 web hosting for a particular month. This will be very useful for us to decide on who are the best and worst among the crowd. This page also displays precisely the overall summary of the features, bonus features and host rating for a particular Web Hosting Provider. This helps you to compare with one another.

People, who are blogging frequently and do it for passion, can just move forward to get their own domains and enjoy the freedom over it.

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Nayanthara Banned by Kollywood  

Nayanthara, one of the top heroines in the tamil film industry, has been banned from acting in tamil films in the future. The problem started as she signed on for the "Payya" project. Payya is being directed by Lingusamy and karthi is playing the Hero in this project. Nayanthara got the advance of 15 lakhs.  she waited for 90 days and the work for the project didnt started. After 90 days, the producers told that only if she reduces her salary, she can continue in this project. As she refused, she was asked to repay the advance amount. But nayanthara refused saying her 90 days schedule got wasted. So the Nadigar Sangam (Tamil Film industry association) has banned her from acting in any tamil movie further. They have also requested the producers from Telugu and Malayalam not to book her in their projects. Anyway Nayanthara is clear on her side and remains unaffected by these bans. She believes in the values of her work, a perfect professionalist in her own way.

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